It’s like Shakespeare...only in English.

“I’m not fat. I’m just very tall across.” ~ B.S.

The Incomplete Worlds Of Billy Shakespeare | It's like Shakespeare...only in English.

Bard Poetry

rhymes with shakespeare



The Rainman

Rain, rain, go away I’ve no need to feel this way You’ve come with clouds to steal the day You strip my colors and make them gray You promise life and bring decay You sting me now with icy spray Leave me with the sun, I pray Rain, please rain, just go away.

The End

This is the end he sang to me In words that seemed to shatter me I struggled through my weary mind To see his way and speak in kind. In the end rejecting all I hear His words still whisper in my ear I shook my head to clear all thought He sang no more and still I fought. His final words had haunted so Beautiful friend, it’s time to go... He waits for us at the end.

Where You Are

Why should it seem As if you’re near You’re not around You are not here.

I open eyes To see your face You’re not around Not in this place.

I reach my hand To touch your hair You’re not around I touch the air.

I turn my head I move to kiss You’re not around I move, I miss.

Alone I sit I cry a tear You’re not around You are not here.

Another Chance

If I lived this life again with you Then years of useless pain Would wash away like rain And glisten like a morning dew.

If I loved you more the first time And never let a day Slip by and waste away Or be captured in forgotten rhyme.

Maybe then I’d have you here Not miles away with him While my days grow dim And the end of life draws near.

What Will I Do

How do I appear to be How am I seen by you Am I to you what you are to me If not what will I do?

How do I sound when you are near Am I getting through Do you hear your name at all When I’m calling you?

What do you see in store for me Would you tell me if you knew Will you be there at all for me If not what will I do?

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

Everything you meant to me Is slipping from my memory So stop me if you’ve heard before These words I leave you by the door.

So many times I’ve tried to say So many time I’ve stayed away Always coming back for more Spinning me through your revolving door.

Goodbye, my love, for the final time I leave you with this simple rhyme This time is last, I know it’s true I’ve found somebody new... At times she reminds me of you... I pray those times are few.

When I leave, please lock the door.

Now Where Did I Go

Now where did I go That no one can find me Where have I been Can no one remind me?

I feel so old So tired and weak Where did I go Will nobody speak?

When will I arrive At the place I’m at now Will nobody tell me If not when, then how?

Has everyone left me In this predetermined place I look all around me I see only empty space.

Wherever I’ve been It’s taken too long Whatever I’ve done It must have been wrong.

How else to explain My solitary stance How long to regret My solitary chance?

Now where did I go That no one can find me Where have I been Can no one remind me...?


Puzzly puzzle wonder why All the stars fall from the sky As the tears tear at my eye I’m left alone, I’m left to die.

Strangely set, my sun is gone Darkly I await the dawn While thoughts of you I ponder on Pensive I await my dawn.

If you were here what would I say If only words brought on the day I know now that you’d never stay My love, you’ll always run away.

Yet I’m still here, I wait for you While my worlds turn shades of blue I just don’t know what else to do But wonder why I wait for you.


Weeping willow, sing to me Songs of sadness, set me free Show to me what others see Weeping willow, sing to me

A love I thought I knew to be Has left me here beside this tree I wonder why she laughed at me Weeping willow, sing to me

I once found life a comedy With her I found a place to be Now she’s gone, I’m left with thee Weeping willow, weep for me

Where Have I Gone?

Where was I when you needed me You held me close and I set you free I was never what you wanted to see I was never where you wanted to be.

Why did you cry and I smile inside? You reach for me, I turn to hyde You knew the truth and still I lied The man we thought we knew has died.

And yet I find I miss you now I look around and wonder how The years have passed me by somehow Aged, I wonder where you are now.

Could it be through time and space We’ll have another chance someplace You might see my other face And see in me some small trace Of the man I know I could be...

Keeping Time

Nothing sounds quite the way as when I was a lad. Music not as sweetly played, the beat is bland and bad. The dances have all turned ’round in time. My feet shuffle softly back and forth to some other rhyme.

I move so slowly, sway to and fro, list’ning all the while. I picture music not played in years, I dream softly and smile. My lovely bride I see before, I see her stand beside. Now I see her also dance. Dance my lovely bride.

We turn once, we turn twice, we turn three times around. We dance along so sweet and slow, we dance to some lost sound. I open eyes, the music stops, no music do I hear. I open eyes and I’m bride is nowhere near.