It’s like Shakespeare...only in English.

“If you keep acting like a dick, you’re gonna get whacked like one.” ~ B.S.

The Incomplete Worlds Of Billy Shakespeare | It's like Shakespeare...only in English.

Bard Poetry

rhymes with shakespeare



“Songs Of Shakespeare”

Close your eyes and feel me near Whispering songs of Shakespeare Reach out to me with slender hand As moonlit waves meet golden sand Feel ocean breeze brush through your hair A feather touch on skin so fair And then as soft a touch from me Bringing you a warmth by sea

...a golden sigh... ...a kiss goodbye... we lie...

I lean and kiss your perfumed ear Whispering songs of Shakespeare.

A Haiku For You

Goodbye The hardest thing I’ve never tried to say To you.


A forest through my mind I’ve roamed A place you’ve never seen A castle I have called my home A place you’ve never been.

On gallant quests I ride for you And never will you know A palace I have built for you A place you never go.

A dragon as fierce as any born I have slain for you Undying love did carry me through And yet you never knew.

In a forest in my mind I’m laid A life’s adventure through Arms clasped tight ’round dreams of you And this you never knew.

Colorado Belle

My love, my light, my shining sun Why leave now, we’ve just begun There’s so much left I want to share How can I though, if you’re not there?

It seems to me a trifle cruel To steal away this precious jewel It took so long to find, my love What can you be thinking of?

How far away you seem to be Like a distant land across the sea I wonder if I’m as far away As dreams of you are from day.

My Lover’s Lullaby

Now my love you’ve gone to sleep Still I am unaware I feel you close and next to me But you’re not always there.

I’m with you now and all alone And so I speak to you But never will a word I speak For fear of waking you.

Toss lightly while I tell a tale Of men who’ve touched the sky Sigh softly when I sing to you A children’s lullaby.

Wake slowly love for I am here And always shall I be I will be here for you, my love If only you’d believe.

Missing You

Shall I tell you of my day Of sadness felt when you’re away The gentle touch which I now miss The loving lips I cannot kiss

Why Don’t You

I can see you seeing me I can feel you near I can hear you calling me I think it’s you I hear.

I wish that I could find the words To tell me what to say I wish that I could pull you close Without sending you away.

And so I sit and think upon Some clever little rhyme A silly phrase to let you know You’re with me all the time.

Goodbye Already

You see in me a simple man Who simply isn’t there You whisper hopes and dreams to me I really couldn’t care.

You held me close so long ago Where are you now my love You used to wish on falling stars I see no stars above.

Love like water can run so deep So deep and dark and cool I’ve found another for me to love Go find some other fool.

Limpid Pools

Her eyes were like liquid moons Stars that she showed only I could see Winking at me with a brilliant blaze Chasing away the shadows in me.

Everything I Want To Say

Everything I want to say Is something else again I only let you see my thoughts Maybe now and then.

I want to know you understand No matter what I do I want to know that you love me As much as I love you.

The time we have won’t be enough It seems like just a day I guess we’ll have to wait, my love There seems no other way.


I traced my finger through the air To see what could be made An image of you standing there Slowly starts to fade.

Low Moans

In the endless night By firelight My moon in sight I await the saxophone.

By twisted form I sleep My lover breathing deep The memory of her voice I keep While I await the saxophone.

Her breath like night wind cools Parted lips revealing jewels As I swim through starry pools And listen for the saxophone.

She gently stirs to gentle touch She softly sighs and says so much She sings to me a song of such

...moving melody... ...sorrowful symphony... ...playfully possessing me...

Smoky, like a saxophone.

With You

No matter where you go No matter what you do I just want you to know I’ll be there with you.

Don’t worry or be scared No need for you to be Where you go I don’t care ’Cause you’ll be there with me.

Sleep, my precious love I’ll keep watch over you No matter what you’re dreaming of... I’ll be there with you.

Her Poem

look into my eyes, my love, for only i am here reach out slowly for my hand and i will bring you near

let’s walk along a sandy beach on some imagined shore remember all the nights we’ve shared i pray that there are more

listen when i whisper words of feelings i have found remember that it’s you and i, there’s no one else around

leave your worries, now go to sleep our sun has disappeared rest, my love, when you awake i will still be here

Take Care Not To Wake The Pillow

Take care not to wake the pillow She said as I lay beside A whisper soft as willow As if from stars we hide.

In blue dreams I hold her near Her breath I feel more than I hear In folds of golden hair we kiss Enshrouded in a morning mist I move my hand along her form Exploring curve and line And as I keep her body warm So she is keeping mine.

I wish that we could always be Found asleep beneath our tree With gentle breeze as soft as willow Taking care not to wake the pillow.

Love Triangle


Love is fresh Love is new Love is me Loving you.


The furthest thought from my mind Is closest to my heart. The love that keeps us safe and warm Is tearing us apart.


Love is above Your foe below So simple to tell them apart Love causes pain While your foe remains The one you’ve given your heart.

How To Tell You

Rhythmic rantings which tickle the tongue Is this all I’m capable of? Why should it be so hard to say That I truly am in love?

Perhaps the words have been used too much ’Til meanings fade with time I know I’ve used them all myself In some other clever rhyme.

I’ve said it before in other lives Convinced that it was true But I’d never felt the words before My darling, I love you.

Farewell, My Love

Time will take you soon, I know Too far away to see Listen when I tell you now Just what you mean to me.

Kiss me now, the day has come There’s nothing I can do But tell me quick before you leave Just what I meant to you.