It’s like Shakespeare...only in English.

“I’m as conflicted as a vegetarian giving a blowjob.” ~ B.S.

The Incomplete Worlds Of Billy Shakespeare | It's like Shakespeare...only in English.

Bard Poetry

rhymes with shakespeare



Can’t Touch Me

No one here can harm me There simply is no way I am watertight, you see I’ll just float away...

Dancing Deadly

Dancing deadly on my grave No mind to think, no soul to save While others lie, forever sleep I walk alone, at night I creep.

Cold-hearted gods which chose my fate My emptiness now turns to hate Bereft of life I dance away And bitter weep until the day.


I balloon You are kite We fly by sun We fly by night.


While my skin is warmed by sun I feel as I did when I was young Radiant rays burn through my soul Brilliant blaze that warms like coal.

As my face begins to shine I drink the summer in like wine I shield my eyes from heaven’s fire With a bitchin’ pair of Ray-Bans.

Creatures Of The Night

In the dying of the light Past the burning ember Flickering shadows claim the night As daylight is dismembered.

All hail! The moon in glory Her subjects glitter beside We mourn the dying ember As beneath the stars we hide.


A thousand years I’ve waited here I’ll wait a thousand more I’ll sit and wait in silent fear Just as I’ve done before.

I’ll count the cars that pass me by As they speed into the haze I’ll count the raindrops as I cry And wait for sunny days.

I know you’re there and who he is Don’t think I mind at all I saw you leave that car of his The tender kiss outside the hall.

A thousand years I’ll wait and hide I’ll wait until I die I’ll wait until you step outside For our last kiss goodbye.


I love the smell of Waffles Early Sunday morning As I slide down the rail Spring shining through Open windows And bursting from my lungs I race into the kitchen and Find Father And Mother Sunday funnies and waffles. Older And Older The funnies fade The waffles flash-frozen in time Waiting for modern technology To Breath Life Into them again. I sit in the kitchen My lungs bursting from within I take my medicine and I Wait For Modern Technology To Breathe Life Into Me